And so ends our little adventure.

Very last gelato - at Il Gelatone. Big thanks for the rec, Jenny!!

It is with much sadness that I report that we have finally returned to the U.K. I know, I know. I shouldn't be complaining, but I was just finally starting to get used to the endless heat and daily three-course meals. Stepping off the plane at Luton was a shock! The temperatures aren't even that low, but compared to Italy it felt like winter. We arrived home Sunday night and spent all of yesterday doing absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing. In between recorded episodes of Dexter and Breaking Amish: Brave New World I unpacked most of my stuff, did two loads of laundry, and cleaned up our room. I am not great at being idle.

I can already feel my tan starting to fade :(

Our last couple of days in Rome flew by in a blur. We spent some time at a couple of the quieter museums - one filled with Etruscan treasures and the other exhibiting contemporary art. We also spent a day exploring as many of the churches as we could manage (there are A LOT of churches) - another one of my favorite days.

For our last night we also traded in our quirky, budget hotel for a swankier room that I found for a bangin' price on

Owen assimilated to our new accommodation very quickly.
Hanging on the wall in the hotel lobby was a letter thanking the hotel staff for their service during a visit...... signed by Bill Clinton and marked with White House seal. And a quick elevator ride took us up to the rooftop bar and the breakfast room, which boasted (not even kidding) this view:

Not a bad way to end the holiday.

There's still a lot of our trip that I haven't covered on this blog. All in good time. I wanted to keep things moving along, but I'll be interspersing the more current posts with little trips down memory lane. Maybe it will help that holiday feeling to last just a little bit longer. At least until the next vacation :)



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