For the love of waffles.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, the boyfriend officially passed his driving test back in July. Unfortunately we left for Italy about a week later, so his new-found freedom had to be put on hold. Since we've been back, though, he's been jumping at every opportunity to get behind the wheel. Want a lift to the station, he'll take you. Need something from the supermarket one town over, he's on it. And he'll do it with a massive, pride-induced grin on his face.

Furthermore, what this has meant is that we have been able to start taking spur-of-the-moment trips to nearby towns without having to hitch a ride or take an unnecessarily long train route. Yesterday, we drove to St. Albans - probably one of the most well known towns in Hertfordshire - which I have never really visited up to this point because, despite the fact that it is only 30 minutes drive from Hertford, the only way to get there by train is to go into and then back out of London.

It was a particularly rainy day yesterday - too bad for all of the bank holidayers who headed to the seaside. The boyfriend and I, however, have found that visiting places in the rain can actually be rather enjoyable, as the weather greatly reduces the usual crowds, and adds a sense of peace and otherworldliness to locations that are generally known for their touristy throngs. We strolled around the cathedral and ducked into a few shops before heading off for lunch at The Waffle House. If you haven't guessed, this is a (popular, for obvious reasons) restaurant that serves a variety of sweet and savory topped waffles. On several occasions, a former employer of mine asked if I knew about this eatery and then gasped in astonishment when I reminded him (yet again) that I hadn't been there due to transportation difficulties.

I opted for the chilli. Awesome guacamole - you may know how important this is to me.

O's was a pulled pork creation.
I usually try to refrain from taking photographs while I am at a restaurant, but come on people! Somewhere under all of that scrumptiousness there are waffles! I did intend to include a third photo of our shared dessert - also a waffle, topped with Eaton mess - but I only realized that I had forgotten after scarfing down the majority of my portion. If you were wondering, it was amazing.

Hope you all are enjoying the end of summer. What a wonderful, transition-ey time.



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