This blog was originally titled Half Empty Diary: Filling the pages with adventures in England and beyond. It began in the fall of 2011 as a way for me to document my time abroad and to deliver mass updates to my friends and family back in the states. Also, I had just come off of a Master's Program at King's College London and let's face it, I needed something to do.

So, I gave myself a challenge. See, I have a history of starting things - mainly pieces of writing - that I never finish - a history which is documented in my very first post: here. Hence the Half-Empty title. Creating this blog was somewhat of a silent pledge to myself to break that habit and to see this project through to completion.

Since those early days this space has transformed into so much more. It is an outlet for my inner dialogue, a gallery for my most beloved photographs, and a sort of living memoir of who I am at any given moment in time. We all love (hate) looking back at who we used to be and how we once saw the world. Well, I am no exception. I derive great joy (sometimes shame) in remembering where I was one, two, and ten years ago and this blog is like the ultimate time machine.

So there you have it. This space, which started as something for others, has really become something very personal that I plan to continue for as long as I am physically able (or as long as it "feels" right, let's be honest). And if it happens to entertain a few of you along the way, well then, what a bonus that will be.

Thanks for stopping by.

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