As the Romans do (well, did).

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite day in Rome was the day that we spent exploring the Roman ruins. I was excited to see them from the beginning, but nothing could have prepared me for the vibrant buzz of life that emanated from the crumbling stone. The sheer scale of the ancient city is awe-inspiring in itself. The size of the buildings, the craftsmanship (where it still remains), the levels and complexity all make it so very easy to imagine the city as it once was - the heart of a thriving empire.

We spent a considerable amount of time at the Palatino - where emperors and high society once made their home.

Welcome to the home of the Roman elite.

Boasting the ultimate backyard - a personal stadium used mainly for gardens and exercise.

You may want to visit the terrace, where the views are spectacular - though I doubt that St. Peter's Basilica would have been part of the original panorama.

Perhaps you will take your chances in the Neronian Cryptoporticus. Rumor has it that Caligula was assassinated here.

And then there was that other building. You know the one.

We were fortunate enough to hear about a special pass on our first day in Rome that allowed us to whizz past some of the lines, and since we arrived right at opening time we were among the first to be let in.

Pretty damn impressive, that one.



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