Back to the real world and tourism in Firenze.

The view from a cafe at one of the gorgeous lakeside towns that we visited.

It seems like yesterday that we were trekking our way across northern Italy, attempting to find our way from Milan to Lake Garda and speaking far too little Italian to communicate effectively. In fact, it has barely been a week since I last posted, and yet, it seems like a lifetime. I would have updated more, but for whatever reason there seemed to be a severe lack of free and stable internet connection in Lazise, and any we could find was desperately needed for things like booking a flight back to England.... Maybe should have thought about that ahead of time. Oh well.

In any event, although I am impatient to write about our stay on Lake Garda, as part of the East Herts Choir, I wouldn't want to diminish the experience by jotting down a quick synopsis. So, I think it will have to wait until a later date when I can devote an adequate amount of time to all of the fantastic people we met and all of the wonderful adventures that were had. Suffice to say, for now, that it really was something very special - that which could not have been achieved had we attempted the trip on our own.

And suddenly, we find ourselves nearing the second evening of our stay in Florence. So far, so amazing. We arrived yesterday afternoon and immediately sought out our hotel - which is pleasantly air conditioned (also something we were not privy to at Franco's) and abuzz with free wifi. Score!

Even the hotels in Florence are old and beautifully adorned.

We spent almost the entirety of last night wandering around the city and scoping out the various attractions and destinations. In fact, I think we managed to hit most of the major areas (we did a lot of walking), but it gave us a chance to really get our bearings and decide how to spend the next two days.

Today we did this:

I resisted all of the stereotypical poses.

Owen did not.

And THIS!:

Owen and I were both told off for taking pictures in the museum. Who knew we weren't allowed to photograph one of the most iconic statues in all of history? Anyway, it was worth it for just the tiniest memento of such an awe-inspiring creation.

And the art just keeps on coming. Tonight we are booked in for an evening at the Uffizi!!!!

Seriously, like a child on her way to Disney Land.



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