Pa rum pum pum pum.

Owen thoroughly enjoying his new footie pajamas. Thanks G'ma & G'pa!


It is 1:15pm and we have only just finished opening our Christmas prezzies. A sign of growing up perhaps. Also, maybe the result of not getting to bed until 3am, after a Christmas Eve Hertford extravaganza. Good luck to those of you who went hard last night. Especially those of you who are also cooking or hosting today. You know who you are. I may not be hungover, but I do have a nicely forming bruise on the side of my leg, where I was kicked at the end of a poorly spaced combat roll. Nice.

My new Cath Kidston umbrella - from my lovely boss.

Also, one of my new (and favorite) sparkly holiday dresses. I may have bought this one myself, but that's fine. Happy Christmas to me!

Missing all of my wonderful family today - in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Mexico and beyond! Feliz Navidad! Wishing all of you a truly magical Christmas, wherever you may be.

Love and glad tidings.


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