Link roundup.

Got that thing going on this week where I keep finding interesting, intelligent, or otherwise hilariously funny things on the interwebs and I want to share it all, but I don't want to be an annoying, little feed flooder.

So, here they all are - the links that made me sit up and pay attention - for you to peruse or ignore as you please:

One man's frank and lad-friendly analysis of his divorce

"She didn't put him in a car seat. She was not concerned with his safety. He took it upon himself to protect himself the only way he knew how."   Hands down, best comment

Leaving America: The Land I Want To Move To

Arthur Rackham's Rare and Revolutionary 1917 Illustrations for the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Just one more moment of Michigan pride!!!

Break-down of episode 9 of The Bachelor....I LOL'd


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