A dresser development.

After six-and-a-half years of living in the United Kingdom I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am the proud, new owner of....

my own chest of drawers!!!

Muwahahahaha! So. Much. Spaaaaace!

A bit much, you say? Ok. Fine. Maybe, but seriously after so many years of living out of suitcases this feels like a real victory. 

I mean, I was married before I had enough space for all of my stuff. How backward is that progression of events?!

Now I have so much room that I hardly know what to do with it all. In fact, the drawers are almost a bit too empty - even with all of my clothing neatly folded inside - which is something that I suspect would immediately call for a shopping spree for some, but for an organizational freak like me is practically a dream come true.

No, I am pleased with the exaggerated roominess, but now all I can think about is next steps - like all of that beautiful wall space directly above, which is just begging for a little TLC and a big ol' redesign.


To be continued!



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