Two weekends and the stuff in between.

Afternoon tea and a good, old fashioned gossip sesh - what better way to end the week? 

Luckily, there is a four day weekend ahead of us, which I think we are all in desperate need of. My poor year 11s have GCSE prep coming out of their ears at this point and while I know it is mainly their own faults for letting themselves get so behind, I can't help but feel sorry for the little things who, in the last few weeks of their school careers, are most likely facing a successive set of gloomy weekends spent indoors and sat in front of their revision books.

Two weeks and counting since my last post. I've been finding it difficult to muster up enough energy to do my laundry in the evenings, so writing down something even semi-interesting or insightful has been pretty much out of the question. 

I am still thinking about it though - every day. Sometimes I imagine an entire post while I am on the way to work or eating lunch. I'll plan it all out, complete with research or photo ideas, but when it comes time to actually execute the plan I suddenly find myself on Netflix, my latest guilty pleasure in full swing on the screen.

Part of the reason for this, I know, is that we have actually been really busy over the last couple of weeks. Two weekends ago, we went camping and trekking with some year 10s for the first part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. On Saturday we sat with them during training sessions, where they learned about planning and navigating an expedition. On Sunday we hiked ten miles with them through the Bedfordshire countryside - they with their rucksacks and compasses, we with our morale boosting chat. 

The Monday after was pretty hellish. We were all exhausted from the trip and it felt (as I enjoyed telling anyone who would listen) as if we'd been on a bender all weekend. On the bright side though, most of the students sucked it up and came into school anyway, the hike day weather was perfect and I got to break out all of the campfire songs that I know for an entirely new audience. 

So a win, for me at least.

Last weekend was slightly less outdoorsy, though still quite action packed. We had a few visitors stay with us, including some family from Northern Ireland, which meant that the house was chaotic, with people rushing in and out or congregating in our kitchen. Sunday night the whole clan met for fish and chips, followed by a massive ping pong tournament and game night that lasted until way-too-late-o-clock. 

In addition to that, we had dinner plans on the Saturday, football, Zumba, tutoring (all the normal happenings), plus a DIY project involving some IKEA furniture that wasn't even going in our bedroom, but the assembly of which meant that I would be able to finally stop living out of suitcases for the first time in about six years. 

All of this just meant that by Tuesday night I was exhausted all over again and had finally submitted to the cold that has been running rampant round the year 11s for a while now. I have been finding it especially amusing (when amongst small groups of them) to very loudly and obnoxiously wonder why they are all getting sick at the same time... Also, to remark aloud that I am now also sick, but am still in school, doing my job, working through the pain, etc etc.

Some of them giggle at this: 

Oh Miss! Heeheehee. 

Some of them give me dirty looks. 

Either way they rise to it and I can't decide which reaction pleases me more.



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