Current Mood.

"It was a gloomy afternoon early in March and only a few degrees about freezing - always more uncomfortable than ten degrees below. Very few people were out on the streets. Rain like gray pencil shavings."

                      From The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

SupPOSedly spring is on it's way, but the last couple of weeks have been very un spring-like. The rainy and predominantly gray weather would be bearable, if it weren't so damn cold, to boot.

In order to trick my brain into remaining upbeat and productive, I have taken to regularly reveling in some of our sunniest holiday photos - like this one of us in the hot springs at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Really wishing I could go back to the days when I didn't go out without SPF and a pair of sunglasses.



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