Showers, scones, scandal.

Last weekend, I accompanied the husband (whoa, that's weird) to Cambridge. He had been sent on a super cool course for physics teachers (teehee) and I decided to hitch a ride and spend the day wandering around the city centre.

Cambridge is always a busy place, but it was even more so last Saturday, as it was move-in day for all of the new university students. Cue the crying parents, flashing cameras, and mile-long tour groups. Unfortunately, for all of those people, it wasn't exactly the nicest day for transferring all of their worldly possessions. The heavy rainfall began around 11am and continued, on and off, throughout the afternoon. Unfortunately, for me, this meant that all of the shops and cafes were packed full of people attempting to stay dry, and finding a place to rest a while with a hot drink was something of a quest.

On the bright side, anyone selling umbrellas that day did a roaring trade. Also, my own spirits were greatly lifted just by watching the punt touts, scowling in their flip-flops and khaki shorts, getting absolutely soaked.

[Side note: On a whim, I Google searched 'punt tout' and was amazed to find that apparently, over the last few years, the punting world has been absolutely overflowing with scandal, mainly due to a set of violent clashes known as the "punt wars". Check out some of the interesting and very hilarious info in the links at the bottom of the post!]


Wet feet - in spite of use of large umbrella.

Foggy tea room windows concealing plethora of scones and annoying American customers.

All in all, not a bad day. I ate some really nice food - always a plus - and made a few very useful and necessary purchases. I even found my wedding band at a small shop selling the wares of local artists. Very excited about that one!



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