Sa fun.

Wedding planning is fun.

Saaaa fun.

It is so fun when you've decided to DIY your own save-the-dates and invitations because you're not an artist or designer by any means, but you're pretty computer savvy, you know what you like, and frankly, stationery is just not the thing that you are willing to spend a fortune on.

It's so fun when you've spent hours, no DAYS faffing about with various programs, trying to get the font to look just right and the words to be perfectly situated on the photo, and so far you've been doing quite well, but now you've hit a road block and it is really being extremely difficult right now, but you just know that there has got to be an easier way, and then your husband (who has been merely a spectator up until this point) comes over and makes a few simple adjustments and *gasp* it's like magic, an invisible curtain has been raised and it all makes sense, and "Yay! Thank you!" you cry very genuinely and out of pure relief, and he smiles warmly and pats you on the back and says,

"No problem. I'm actually quite good with this stuff. I used to want to be a graphic designer........"



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