Norn Iron.


And so it begins. Almost a full two weeks of travels - mainly UK, with a little bit of Italy. You know, just for fun ;)

We begin with a long overdue return to Northern Ireland. Our last trip was almost three-and-a-half years ago, before I even started this blog, and so I only briefly touched on it here.

This time we had the brilliant idea to bring some traveling companions. Well, it was partly our idea, partly the idea of my husband's uncle, who took a shining to one of our good friends at our wedding back in August.

The main purpose of the visit was to spend time with our family, but other (almost equally) important reasons for choosing this destination for our half-term travels included sight-seeing on the absolutely breathtaking coast and, of course, nerding out at as many Game of Thrones filming locations as possible. Duh.

Rock pooling.


Lost in the maze.

Just a boy and his tree.


Collecting rain drops.

The Dark Hedges aka the Kingsroad.


Crossing the rope bridge.

View from Carrick Island.

The rope bridge.

Sea spray and the Giants Causeway.

Causeway stones.

These are just a few snaps to try and sum up our experience, although there is absolutely no way that my photos could do the scenery any sort of real justice. There will most definitely be follow-up posts, though, because every single place that we visited was surreal. Plus I took over one-hundred-and-fifty photos and I might as well do something with them. It may take a while, as we're off again tomorrow, first to Norfolk, and then just me, to Italy, Wales, and Manchester.

But I'll get around to it eventually. When the constant motion has ceased and all is quiet. Then expect a plague.



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