Oh joy...and chiffon, and mason jars, and buttercream.

Have just spent the last two hours playing the part of the good fiancée (/wife) and diligently planning for next summer's wedding celebration.

This is supposed to be enjoyable, right......

One of the things that allowed me to justify (to myself) extending my stay in the UK, with no job, or productive commitments of any kind, was that I would have LOADS of time to devote to planning our wedding.

So far, not so good.

It's not as if I haven't done anything since I've been here. Between alloting equal amounts of time to various friends and family members, not to mention sorting out all of the post-nuptial paperwork (prezzies, thank yous, and general admin included) things have been pretty busy. We also did finally manage to send off the first part of the husband's green card application (yay!), which was an absolutely monstrous task that provoked an inordinate amount of stress (I was not a nice person for a couple of days) and could have easily taken up the whole of my two-and-a-half months here. Still, and as is customary when one insists on maintaining a semi-perfectionist point of view, it just doesn't feel like enough.

It's also not that I'm not thinking about it. It's just that whenever I do try to go there, the sheer volume (that one's for you Tim) of options and ideas are SO overwhelming that I think my brain just refuses to get involved. Did you know that part of the reason that new babies sleep so much is because their brains are constantly being assaulted with new stimuli and so, as a reflexive defense, when it all gets to be too much they just conk out?

Fun fact. Let's compare me to that.

I know that once the decisions are made I will feel better - happy even. It's just, you know, getting started. It is far too easy to distract myself with just one more episode of Orange Is The New Black (♥♥), and cleaning and tidying of any kind (my default excuse), and (hello!) blogging.


Maybe one day I'll be the color swatching, trend setting, DIY loving, Pinterest devotee that my cookie-customized Facebook advertisements would like me to be.

Until then, I will continue to rely on those people in my life who are far more artistically inclined, party planning oriented, or just generally more devoted to the task at hand than I am - like my mother, who regularly sends me ideas for bridesmaids dresses and party favors from across the ocean.

Well, someone's gotta do it.



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