'Twas the night - choose your own adventure.

Two weeks ago I posted a recording of Bob Dylan reading the classic children's story, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. And as much as I think that it is probably the ultimate narrated version of this story, some of you may not agree. Therefore, I present you now with a few other choices, so that you can decide who will be reading you the perfect Christmas Eve bedtime story!

Bob Dylan - still a fantastic choice

Elton John - some great performance photos with this one

Michelle Obama reading at a children's hospital

A gaggle of celebrities including The Script and Justin Bieber

Michael Buble - what??!! Where do people get this stuff?

Perry Como - classy

Dick Van Dyke - we're getting real old school here

Stan Lee... shut up

Werner Herzog - a slightly alternative version...HA!

Snoop Dogg - WARNING: not for the easily offended!

Oh, wow. This search has produced better results than I could have ever imagined. So many options! Which will you choose?



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