What a weekend.

What a week, for that matter, but this weekend just capped it all off. I had only just arrived home Friday evening, after train chaos and delays, to be confronted with the news of the terrible events unfolding in the states.....and less than a half-an-hour later to be fully engulfed by the effects of the dreaded stomach bug.

I am not generally prone to this type of illness, but I knew all the signs - fever, aches, chills, plus the obvious ones that need not be spelled out. After a rough sleep, I spent most of Saturday drifting in and out of consciousness on the playroom floor, the television permanently tuned to Christmas 24. If you were wondering how many films with titles such as "Snow", "Battle of the Bulbs" and "Merry In-Laws" one can watch in a row before reaching the edge of sanity, well, you might want to ask Owen because what I actually saw was a strange collection of beginnings, middles and ends of films, punctuated by short bouts of deep, dreamless sleep. I am so lucky to have such a patient and understanding boyfriend.

It is Wednesday and I am just starting to feel like me again. I mean this both physically and psychologically. As if being sick wasn't enough, the mental turmoil induced by all of the terrible media coverage this weekend is, I think, what really did me in. On top of the endless news reports were the infinite numbers of articles speculating around the various aspects/causes/results. It was one of those things where you wanted to take a moment to consider those lost and directly affected and then move on, but you just couldn't stop looking. I think that many of you will also share this sentiment. Although, I hope that for your sakes, you had nights out, family gatherings or holiday parties to provide a moment's relief from the endless onslaught.

There is a lot to be done now. For me, a lot of nutrition and muscle to be regained. Not eating for most of Saturday, while appeasing my stomach, did not produce great long-term results. Zumba was rough today.

And for society. Well. The work is endless. Much to discuss, to debate, to determine. But, no matter what your opinion, there is clearly some improvement to be made. Many have acted as proponents for one side or another, but I think that a combination of changes is in order to actually put a stop to these re-occurring atrocities. I could contribute endlessly to this, but it's up to those with legislative power to take the next step. I would say, however, that if you feel strongly about one form of change or other that you should be an active citizen and write to your state senator or representative to make your voice heard.

Christmas is rapidly approaching. May you find extra comfort in the holiday season and with your loved ones this year. Here's hoping that 2012 might end with a little peace on earth.



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