Lesser knowns.

We know them, we love them, we hear them each year. On the car radio, in the background of holiday-themed TV shows and movies, and in every store. Christmas classics are beloved for a reason and serve a very specific purpose. They are attached to our memories and help to put us in the festive mood (or whatever mood you associate with wintry weather and large family gatherings). But while the classic tunes are "classic" for a reason, sometimes it's nice to mix it up a bit. So, here, for your listening pleasure are some holiday jingles you may not have heard before. Some of them are entirely new songs, whilst others are contemporary covers or re-imaginings of traditional favorites. Enjoy!

These two have been making sweet, sweet music together for a long time now, but in more recent years they have been known as Talkfine. Check out more of their videos HERE. And see what they get up to, including live shows, HERE.

This unconventional winter-themed song is only one from Songs for Christmas - a five CD holiday set from one of my all-time favorite artists ever, Sufjan Stevens. Born in Detroit, Michigan (yeah!), this unconventional musician has been bringing some seriously unique and beautiful sounds since his university days. This holiday song set boasts several brand new compositions, along with a plethora of revamped classics, including three versions of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Highly, highly recommended.

Maybe you haven't heard Mariah Carey's version of All I Want For Christmas Is You, but that would mean you've somehow managed to avoid all public spaces every Christmas season since it was first recorded in 1994. As amazing as it is, I am thrilled by this updated version which was recently recorded with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. Classy.

Christmas classic for the new age.

The most hauntingly beautiful version of this song I have ever heard. Sorry there isn't a better video for it. Did I mention I love this album?

Atheist comedy (?) from Tim Minchin - who recently penned the music for the highly acclaimed Matilda the Musical.

Spacey, yet simple, cover by one of the most fun (teehee) breakout bands of the year.

Ah, The Shins. High school memories just flooding back.

And speaking of high school.... For the indie in all of us.

Seriously. Amazing. Just buy it now. The whole set. Look, HERE, I'm giving you the link. Or iTunes it. Please. You'll thank me.

Another stellar songwriter and performer. Ben Folds consistently delivers quality stuff and this time he is rude, crude and really not very nice to Santa.

And finally....

It's not a song. But it is Bob Dylan reading 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. And nothing can beat that. Nothing.

Immense love.


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