The world's best gallery: Part 1.

In Florence, the art is in the museums. In Rome, the museum is the city. Everywhere you walk there is something to see. And not just something, but the real thing, often as it was originally constructed. The free walking maps mention only a scattering of the most famous sights, but in reality, there is something on every corner. A remnant of a Roman ruin, for example, or one of Bernini's fountains, statues, or building facades, surrounded by modern-day eateries and convenience shops.

Even the majority of the Vatican is free - including St. Peter's Basilica - though I suppose you could consider the time you spend in line as a sort of payment. 

Paying my dues for the Vatican Museums.

Though, of course, it is so worth it.

You turn a corner and there it is. Just.....there. One of the most beautiful and emotional works of art ever created by human hands. It is breathtaking and heart-wrenching, and just remembering how it felt to gaze upon it still puts a lump in my throat. I actually had to tear myself away. To remind myself that there was so much more to see.

More to come.



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