The unexpected hits you between the eyes.

Cheers for that, Forbes.

There we have it folks! Surprise, surprise. I am not surprised at all.

I know we all have our doubts, our grievances. And let me just say that despite all the haters out there, it is his most ardent supporters who are also his biggest critics. We expect a lot of him, after all and sometimes he disappoints, but today the numbers are in and the results are promising.

I love it when people post anti-Obama articles (or even better, memes) on Facebook. I really do. I love that what is posted is often petty and uninformed. I also love that it usually comes from sources that are hardly credible - websites with urls that were heretofore unknown to humankind.

The Affordable Care Act, with it's (I think, and apparently I'm not the only one) unfortunate nickname, is a prime target for many people who will stop at nothing to avoid paying a little extra to help out their fellow man/woman. I LOVE when people post anti-ACA articles because it only exposes the lack of research, the "accidental" neglect to consider all sides of the issue, the downright selfishness that characterizes so many people who, on the one hand can't possibly afford to pay a penny more in taxes, and with the other are clicking "post my early retirement vacation photos to my timeline <3".

Furthermore, it allows me to respond with my own articles. To reply with more valid sources that are more widely read, and therefore open to more critique and review. To DESTROY the one, petty post with SEVERAL "actually, some good things are happening here" links!

BAM! Personal testimonials from citizens and healthcare professionals.

BAM! Number crunching.

BAM! Even FOX NEWS is in on the action!!!


BAM!  One more for good measure.

Actually, I DO think that we should have some concerns about the Affordable Care Act. We should have some concerns about a lot of things that have and will come into law, and we should ALWAYS remain critical of the politicians who are representing us locally and globally.

But, the point remains that the articles and posts coming from the right are harping on issues that do not really exist. These are issues of personal opinion and blatant self-interest. The real problems are actually being pointed out by the proponents of the ACA, or at least by those who can also see its merits. Those who want to see real change. Those who have high expectations. Those who know that whilst this is not perfect, it is a start, and if we can't even get started, we will never get anywhere!

Which brings me back to the things I see posted on a daily basis. Things that promote half-truths and narrow-minded viewpoints in order to rile up the masses. Things that aim to discredit via caricature, rather than critique. Perhaps Bill Keller says it best in his NY Times column:

The Democrats were passionately in favor of enrolling the uninsured, but many would have preferred a government-run program, or at least a public option. What Obamacare has wrought is the kind of market-driven reformation that Republicans pretend to believe in. Which makes you wonder how much of their opposition rests on the merits, and how much is just a loathing for anything associated with Barack Obama

Kinda feels like we've gone back to middle school, doesn't it?



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