Why women must vote in 2012.

By the time we leave school, most Americans are well-acquainted with the history of women's suffrage. We are taught about the legacy of Susan B. Anthony and the suffragettes. We become familiar with the conventions and marches. We even commit to memory the date and the amendment that finally endowed women with the ability to actively participate in the formation of their own country.

Today, the importance of this right has not diminished. In many ways it has increased. The last century has seen the rise of civil rights and feminism. According to the 2011 U.S. Census, women now make up just over half (!!!) of the population of the United States of America and, what's more, female voices are actually given the time of day. No longer must we struggle, asking permission to express an opinion. But this does not mean that we can rest, our job done, and leave the decision-making to others. We have new responsibility to be active members of society and to assert our opinions. It is our right, our entitlement and we have the ability to hugely influence the future of our country.

As any of you regular readers will know, I have already cast my vote for tomorrow's election. For those of you who are feeling hesitant, I hope that this information inspires you. I urge you to exercise your right. I urge you to use the voice that was bestowed upon you by the actions of some very brave feminists, who lived more than a hundred years ago. I urge you to vote!

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