Ah, home.

Real time post, y'all! Woop woop!

Thanksgiving has officially begun. Last night, in anticipation of my jet lag induced, early morning wake-up, my mom gave me a list of things to clean/do around the house. On past visits I have been known to arise at 5:30am and sit like a creeper in the living room, watching Rugrats re-runs. On other occassions I have actually been able to fit in an hour of Zumba before the rest of the house even considers opening their eyes. Of course, this would be the one day that I actually sleep in until 8 'o' clock. Which is why I am still sitting comfortably on the sofa, cradeling my second cup of coffee. Sorry ma.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! And the best of luck to all of you who are beginning (or are in the midst of) preparations for a day of food and family fun!



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