The magic of Thanksgiving weekend.

It's been pretty cold here, lately. Thanksgiving day was outrageously warm for this time of year, but ever since then the temperature has been plunging steadily. Yesterday morning I stepped out in the frigid air to make an attempt at capturing the miniscule snow flakes slowly blowing across our backyard. I'm not really sure that I suceeded. You need to magnify these photos to even get a glimpse of what I was seeing.

Patience, patience.

In America many households use Thanksgiving weekend to start preparing for the holiday season. With extra family around to help decorate, it is the perfect time to hang the garland and trim the tree. Also to untangle hundreds of feet of tiny, twinkling lights. But, the other reason that most people wait until this point is because, somehow, the end of Thanksgiving seems to trigger something in the weather and usually things begin to look a lot like this....

Like magic :)



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