Grattis på födelsedagen.

These photos are from our day out in London last Saturday. A quick trip to Hyde Park for a friend's birthday turned into an impromptu day of exploration and wandering around South Kensington. We started off by celebrating midsummer, Swedish style, complete with meatballs, schnapps, and good friends. We decided to stop by the Natural History Museum and although we didn't get there in time to see the Inside Out exhibit (sorry Owen), I did manage to see some parts of the museum that I've never seen before. We rounded out the trip with a crazy delicious meal at a small cafe-deli near the station. I've been there before for breakfast, but was totally unprepared for how amazing the rest of the food would be. The food was beautifully cooked and the flavors truly outstanding. Perfect end to the day!

Traveling art gallery.

The elusive "side entrance" of the Natural History Museum.

I decided not to apply for that job in the end. There are a few reasons for this, but mainly, I just don't want to give up so much of my time with the NAS. I really love the organization and the people that I work with and I'm hoping I can just get myself more involved with them :)



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