Mid-November Update

Just a little note to say hello and update you all on my current status in jolly old England. It seems that my days of aimless fall wandering have truly ended. As of last week I have officially started at two jobs, on top of my Saturday volunteering. Two days a week I work in London for the National Autistic Society. I do outreach work to support people with autism to live their lives, hold jobs, attend colleges, interact socially, etc etc. It's been such an awesome experience already and I've met some really great people while at work and during my training. It does require a lot of energy though, so to balance this out I also work a couple of days at a local, independent card/gift shop in Hertford. Anyone looking for cards or gifts that no one else in the U.S. is likely to have?

I am also officially finished with my Child MA studies, and probably all studies for a while. I haven't actually received a certificate yet, but I've been notified on my prospective dissertation results and apparently the review board has met, which means that the grades should have been given their seal of approval. Once I get the final go-ahead I can apply for a new visa which would allow me to stay for up to 2 years. THAT is way too complicated to go into via post, so anyone wanting to know more about that should just ask.

All in all, things are good. The holidays are coming around so quickly I can hardly believe it. I heard Christmas music playing in the hair salon next door today.... It's November 14th.... I might even have to take this Wednesday (my day off) to do some Christmas shopping because I'm afraid that if I wait too long all the stuff I want to get will be gone! Seriously, though.

So there we are. Life continuing as usual. Getting busier and busier every day. In fact I may be posting less as I work more, but I promise I will not stop posting altogether!

Love and miss all of you overseas and elsewhere.


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