Today marks the end of a very busy week. Monday, of course, was Halloween and between baking and an evening ceramics class, there was little free time to be had. On Wednesday I took a spur of the moment trip to Oxford to spend the day with my cousin, who was stopping in the UK before heading home after a work stint in Romania. Thursday was my very first day working for the National Autistic Society (yay!!!). Finally, I was meant to be working in London today (and was up at 6:30am to do so), but a last minute cancellation has left me with a free day (well, few hours at least) and an opportunity to catch up on my posting!

Here are some photos from the week:

My super scary jack-o-lantern guarding 37d on Halloween day.

These are some photos from my trip to Oxford. Click on them to see enlarged versions. The photos are (clockwise from top left): Beautiful autumnal vines in one of the college courtyards (I think it's Exeter college, but don't hold me to it); Architecture of the Divinity School; Blackboard from a lecture by Albert Einstein on display in the Museum of the History of Science; and the garden of Christ Church.

Oxford is famous for many reasons, the main one being that it is the location of the oldest university in the English speaking world. As such, the University of Oxford has an amazingly rich history, which includes ties to many well-known and respected individuals. Oxford was, for example, home to Alice Liddell, whose father was the dean of Christ Church college and who inspired Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Oxford is also the alma mater of many renowned scientists, writers, entertainers, politicians, etc. Click HERE for a list of these!

In spite of all of the chaos and my packed schedule, this week really was wonderful. I am so happy to finally be working again, and to be working for a wonderful organisation like the National Autistic Society. Not to mention that it was so good to see my cousin Rachel, who is a super sweet actress living in LA and working there and all over the world!

Look how pretty!

The crazy week continues as I will be meeting her again this evening for some fun and frivolity in London Town, then grabbing some much needed sleep before my busy Saturday begins! Let's just hope I can keep my energy up through all of it. Maybe a nap is in order this afternoon....



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