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Three posts in one week. That must be some kind of record, but what else is there to do when you are too energized to sleep, yet too sick to leave the house, and how can I not with all that has been happening this week?

How can we not be appalled and amazed and inspired by all of the events that have taken place in the past 72 hours alone?

Yesterday, I would have given anything to be in London, marching. Though I could not be there, my eyes were glued to the live streaming footage from Washington. 

It was so amazing, so astounding, so beautiful, this show of strength and solidarity and global resistance. Peaceful and powerful and unified, this feminine display of determined existence.

It was everything.

A day that will mark our history books. The largest inaugural protest that has happened EVER. Occurring over 7 continents. Estimated at a global two million. Three times more than those attending the actual inauguration, if numbers are to be believed.

How could we not want to be a part of it?

And though I was not there, I could not keep away. For hours I was stuck, in awe.

I was moved. 

By a buzzing crowd collectively rejecting racism, transphobia, and systematic abuse of power and, as one, loud voice, calling out the names of their victims. 

By Maryum Ali calling us to action, reminding us what we have achieved in the past, welcoming us into our potential. 

By six-year-old Sophie Cruz, the activist daughter of undocumented immigrants, spreading love and inspiring hope in two different languages.

I was so moved.

Yesterday was everything that I dreamed it could be and more. It was a rising. It was a promise. It was a resounding and reverberating rekindling of hope.

We will not go away...

Two days ago someone asked me whether recent events had caused me to lose faith in the American people.

I didn't answer, because two days ago I would have faltered, heartsick and body sick and vulnerable to suggestion.

But ask me again. 

Ask me again today, after I have seen what I have seen, and I have heard what I have heard, and I have felt what I have felt.

Today the answer is definitive and the answer is no.

- A -


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