2017. Thank goodness. We have been eagerly awaiting you.

Last year was tough for many of us, but we still managed to find some moments of light. 

I had the opportunity to explore some stunning scenery and a little bit of culture during our travels to Austria, Iceland, Devon and the Lake District, and Cork, Ireland. I went skiing for the first time (and surprised myself by loving it)! We were also really lucky to be visited by a number of our loved ones, and to be able to travel back to the states for a very brief, but wonderful, family-filled week in November.

My #bestnine Instagram photos from 2016. Can I just say that I LOVE that the pumpkin pie I made for Thanksgiving is front and centre! Find more photos from Instagram here.

The best part of 2016 for me, though, was the fact that O and I were finally able to live together. Our main focus since last Christmas has been on working, laying a foundation for our future, and just enjoying every day together, without the spectre of separation looming over us. Sounds simple, but it was something that we had never experienced before and something we'd been looking forward to for a very long time. 

This year we are hoping to build upon what we started last year - both figuratively and literally. After five years of nomad-like existence, I am feeling really ready to lay down some roots. For the moment, this means England. We are so lucky to have an incredible support base in this country and in the United States, but for now, things are moving along so swiftly and this is just what feels right.

I'm not big on goals or resolutions, but I'm feeling really motivated to make some decisions this year, to make a plan and to follow through. To make it happen, so to speak. Last year we took some leisurely steps, floated along enjoying life and dreaming of things to come, but this year we are ready to buckle down and make those dreams a reality. 

So, I guess you could call that a resolution. 

Whatever it is, it's exciting. An adventure in itself - not like traveling to a new place or in a thrill-seeking kind of way, but more in the sense that we have the ability to create something wonderful, using only what is within us and what we have gathered around us. What that might be still remains to be seen, but I have no doubt that it is certain to delight and surprise us all.

Readers, stay tuned.

And may 2017 bring you all that you have dreamed of.

- A -



 ☆                   ☆                     ☆

[Edit: I used to end all of my blogs with Love, but after seeing a recent tweet from Donald Trump end that way, well.....I think you understand why I just couldn't carry on with it. New year, new sign-off, I guess, but until I figure out what that will be, my initial will have to suffice.]


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