On this day.

I can't believe that it has been a year since our traveling honeymoon. For the last three weeks, photos from our trip have been popping up on my memory apps and the feeling has been rather bittersweet.

The photos are a reminder of such a special time. Each day was new and exciting and held so much promise, and these memories have been so lovely to revisit, but I encountered a surprising jolt of emotion when I saw the photo marking our first day in Mexico. 

Thinking back to that day - all of the promise that it held of everything to come - filled me with such a sense of longing, a desire to be back there at the start, floating free and unencumbered by any responsibilities other than planning the next steps of the journey.

The three weeks that followed were some of the most incredible that I have ever experienced and it has been such a pleasure to remember them that I decided to post some of the photographs that I took during that time - most of which haven't been posted before.

Day 1: First ever snorkeling experience - Playa del Carmen.

The day we floated down the river in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve - Tulum.

Downpour days spent in Tulum cafes.

Beach walk - Tulum.

Chichen Itza.

Cenote swimming in Valladolid.

Sunset colors in Mérida.

High in the clouds at Monte Albán.

Colorful Oaxaca.

Visiting a friend in Xochimilco, Mexico City.

During those three weeks we felt limitless, as if we had all the time in the world. So, it's amazing to think that this all happened over a year ago. 

This time last year, we had just left Mexico and were preparing to tour the Galápagos Islands. I can't wait to see the photos that pop up on my feed next and to share some more of that magical place with you.



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