Would it be bad if i flipped a coin?

Oh the complications of dress shopping. The multitude of styles. The mile-long list of details. The indescribable experience of being "helped" by 20+ saleswomen at the same time. The pressure to make the best choice. The right choice. To choose something that you will still feel remotely happy about wearing in six to eighteen months time.

And then, after being bombarded by ads for incredibly cheap dresses made in overseas factories, researching the ethical implications of all of your choices.




  1. Go with your gut - I shopped for mine for just 2 hours and everything STILL turned out perfectly : ) Congrats to you and Owen, by the way!

  2. Thank you so much Callie. I just went back and looked at some photos of your wedding and it looked so beautiful. And you're right. The dress was perfect! Congrats to you too :)


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