Middle child, free and wild.

To my beautiful sister Sophia -

Happy birthday pretty girl. I will probably embarrass you by writing this, but that's okay. In fact, maybe that's part of why I'm doing it.

For a long time now you have acted like a little grown-up, but more and more I can see how you really are developing into a young adult. Unfortunately for you, I will probably always think of you as my baby sister. Maybe that's because you were the first sibling that I was really old enough to take care of. And I loved taking care of you! You were the first one I could hold. The first one I could help to feed and dress. The first sister I could really teach, or help to reach something on a higher shelf. You were the first. Though maybe not the most grateful :P

I like to think that it is this first example of my sisterly love that helped make you into the (big and little) sister you are today. But, I guess that some of this is due to your own inner character. Seriously, though, in you I see both kindness and intelligence. Your energy is contagious. Your mellow personality a calming influence. You are always willing to help. You are a champion for the smaller, the weaker, the abandoned, and the downtrodden. This is how I see you. And today is a day to celebrate you. These are the things that make you a wonderful person.

May your birthday, and the whole year be filled with love and new experiences. Work hard, play hard, and don't forget to trust yourself. A lot of people believe in you. Most of all, never forget that I love being your big sister and I will always be here for you. No matter where I am or what my life is like, there will always be room for you.

I love you little sister.



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