The real meaning of 'cold'.

You guys. You guys. I just went outside. So dumb. I don't know why I did it.

That's not true. I know why I did it. I wanted a coffee :( And to get out of the house. Stupid, I know, and here's what I encountered:

1) The car never warmed up. I was probably out there for about 45 minutes, in the car the whole time, and although the temperature inside of the vehicle did eventually surpass the temp outside, at no point during my journey could the air in the car EVER have been considered "warm".

2) Despite the roads clearly having been plowed this morning, they were definitely not safe for driving. I mean, I DID drive on them, but I probably shouldn't have. You know how the ice looks on a skating rink? All white and smooth, perfect for gliding. Well, many parts of the road looked exactly like that, including large patches at several intersections, which made getting the car rolling after a stop a bit of a challenge. Luckily for me I wasn't in a rush and didn't have anywhere to be, so (dare I say it) it was kind of fun. An adventure, so to speak. But, a one time only, probably tempting fate kind of adventure...

The end result is that I am now sitting comfortably, back in my house, with a hot drink that feels both indulgent and a little unwarranted. Also, I feel slightly unwell. Not ill really, just sort of like my body is punishing me a little bit. And my finger tips are achy. I didn't think they got that cold, but maybe I should have worn thicker gloves. Oddly, I think I was better prepared when I was out shoveling snow this morning.

The other result is that I have realized that anyone who went to work today is an absolute beast. My trip was all fun and games, for me, because I had no demands placed on me, was driving a very short distance, and therefore was happy to drive at a snail's pace. But, to those of you who were actually required to leave your homes today, I salute you. Seriously. Every single one of you. Congratulations. You are amazing. And I would like to buy you (all) a beer.

Let's just wait until this weather clears up.



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