Sun > Rain.

What a gorgeous day! After weeks of gray skies and various types of precipitation, the sun made a full-fledged appearance for approximately 5 hours this morning. It was so bright that I even wore my sunglasses on my walk to and from the gym - a decision in which I seemed to be very alone, but I'm okay with that. There's just something about the presence of the sun after so many weeks of cloudy winter dredge. I don't know if it was the unexpected warmth of the air or how vibrant colors appeared in the bright light, but my mood was considerably lifted this morning. And it smelled nicer! Am I the only one who notices the way it smells different when the sun is out? I do have a bit of a hyper sensitive sense of smell. According to family lore, I have inherited this from my father, whose nose is supposedly so sensitive that he found it excruciatingly difficult to change any of our diapers. Hmmm.....



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