Love thoughts and good wishes.

Just one of the many charming V-Day cards available at my place of employment.

Happy Valentine's Day chums!

Over the years I have come to realize that while I don't really love Valentine's Day, per se, I don't hate it either. It's kind of a "do if I do, don't if I don't" situation. This year I will not be doing anything special, thanks to the boyfriend's school scheduling a Parents Evening on the night of the 14th. But, to be honest, I'm okay with that. I think we all know by now that ignoring your relationship all year just to big it up on one, card company dominated day in February is not a good idea. Plus, it kinda doesn't feel that special when everyone else is doing it too...

Not trying to be too negative here. I do enjoy sending little cards and gifts to people, and I will say that I have been extremely disappointed by the complete lack of valentine card packs available in this country. Apparently, in the United Kingdom, you are only supposed to send one valentine - or have your personal life be called into question. How boring is that? I mean, Americans, can you imagine what elementary school would have been like? Besides, what's wrong with showing a little love to your friends and family with the help of a cardstock cut-out, inscribed with a witty quote and the loveable grin of Spongebob Squarepants? Let me tell you, they are missing out over here.

What I do wish I was doing today was working at the card shop, because there is just nothing more entertaining than mass numbers of people (mainly men) running in at the last minute with the most frantic looks on their faces. Oh-ho. So good.

Whatever your take on the holiday, and whatever your plans, I hope your day is fantastic.


[Update: I originally wrote this message a couple of days ago, in preparation for what I thought, rightly so, would be a very busy day with little time for thinking up a blog post. In the end, we did actually end up going out for a curry - i.e. the meal of a dozen drunken lads. The conversation leading to this decision went a little like this:

"I am really craving Indian food. Can we go for a curry on Friday?"
"Yes! Or, well, we could go on Thursday."
"Valentine's Day."
"Oh, yeah. That's fine too then."

How romantic :)]


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