Loooong week. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Busy month, actually. Yet, oddly, January kind of flew by. Did anyone else notice this? I thought this was the time of year that things were supposed to drag, but last month was seriously over before I knew it. Maybe February will be the month that feels like it's never going to end. Maybe I'm counting my chickens, so to speak.

Anyway, lots of hot drinks and cookies used to get me through the last couple of weeks. I know that an afternoon tea snack is supposed to be minimal, but as evidenced by the above photo, the ratio of cookies to beverage has consistently been 2:1. Am I the only one that can never have just one cookie? Well, if I am, then that's ok. Besides I just needed it this week, even though I had an extra day off on Thursday. But I needed that too. Let's just say that there were some unexpected, and very time consuming, things to take care of this week. Those of you who know will understand. Those of you who don't, I'll spare you, just this once.

I did get to see this little guy, though:

Twice! Once with Mummy, once with Daddy, both times in Wetherspoon's oddly enough. Starting his pub education early.

Now it is Sunday evening, and at the risk of pissing everyone off, I don't really mind that it's Monday tomorrow. The perks of unstable employment. There are ten times as many cons, but you know, I'm twenty-four so I'm just trying to make it work.

And in other news, I just booked a plane ticket to Milan! So, yeah. There's that.

Wishing you all a peaceful week that whisks you swiftly off to the land of free time and relaxation :)



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