Links of the day. 

Once again, my facebook news feed has been inundated with interesting, adorable and hilarious links and there is real and immediate threat of share overload. So here they are, neatly compacted for your enjoyment.


1) Your new V-Day theme song. WARNING: Contains mature themes and strong language. Thanks Gizmodo.

2) 'Goats yelling like humans'. Already making the social networking rounds. Deserves to be re-posted a million times. That is how much I laughed.

3) Fox News does it again:

4) 'Piglet uses wheelchair' - to warm your cold, cold heart:

5) Once again, if you are easily offended do not click. Otherwise, there are just no words.

6) 'Meteorite Explodes Over Russa, Panic Spreads'.

7) "Anti-gun campaigners slam new play set":

8) A day late, but still awesome:

Keep 'em coming folks!



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