Awareness - Day 3

Photo by Linda Nylind for The Guardian

Autistic Spectrum Disorders may begin in childhood, but they have lifelong implications and often mean a permanent change in the lifestyle of the family. Recently Charlotte Moore wrote an article for The Guardian about her experiences with her two adult, autistic sons. Her writing provides wonderful insight into how both child and parent are affected by autism. She also speaks about learning to accept that her children would be autistic for life - something that is often difficult for parents, but can make a huge difference for the child and parents' quality of life.

To read the article, click HERE.

Want to read more? You can also buy her book, George and Sam, which was recently re-issued to include more up-to-date information on autism and more recent stories about her family.

Side note: In about 17 hours I will be on an international flight - heading toward my lovely family in Laredo, TX. I will do my best to continue posting during this most special of months, but any of you who knows my family knows that I will have plenty to keep me busy over the next eight days. So, if I cannot get to the computer I do apologize, and promise to resume blogging asap!



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