A Party for Grown-Ups

Saturday night Owen and I played host for several of his very dear university friends. The event was fitting for a group of young, educated intellectuals, a refined dinner party for nine. The reason for celebration: the recent passing of Owen's twenty-sixth birthday.

I can safely say that the evening was truly a success, not to mention a veritable example of enjoyable elegance. The music was cultured, the games, civilised, and the menu, inspired, to say the least. I think that I speak for all of our guests when I say that it IS possible to enjoy an evening among friends that does not involve overindulgence, immature pranks or general roguish behaviour.

I couldn't help but be inspired by such a sophisticated event to ruminate on the part of our lives that our guests and I are in at the moment. Just having left the age of innocence and frivolity to enter the world of experience and responsibility. Moving away from the childish amusements that once ruled our weekends toward a more cultivated set of activities. Joining the exclusive club of mature sophisticates who can truly appreciate all the world has to offer.

No truer representation of this transition could be found than in the events of Saturday night .

Pondering my recent journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Pure refinement.

Okay, so maybe the evening wasn't quite as sophisticated as I first let on.....

But, it was definitely a hit. Good food, good company and a great time. Our antipasto style meal was delicious and made it so easy to clean up, which is a huge bonus if you're the one that's usually doing the cleaning *coughmecough*.

We also made a fantastic birthday cake, pictured here with Owen and Dhruve:

It's called a Winter Swiss roll bowl cake and Owen decided he just had to have it after watching Lorraine Pascale make it on the BBC's Home Cooking Made Easy. It's a combination of ice cream, amaretto and, of course, swiss roll cake - like a much larger version of those Little Debbie snacks for all you Americans. It really took hardly any preparation. We just made it the night before and left in the freezer until it was time to serve. Despite the simplicity of the cake though, it is seriously delicious and I would definitely recommend it for a super easy dessert.

Finally, the entertainment was nothing short of...entertaining. Good conversation, ridiculously fun games. Plus, Pip and Phil's genius gift to Owen turned into an ongoing project that held our attention until the early hours of the morning. I wouldn't necessarily say that I've acquired a new talent, but I am definitely way more confident in my balloon art abilities than I ever thought I would be. Clown school, here I come!

All in all, amazing night as usual with these folks. We may not have actually attained the level of sophistication suggested by my fancy talk at the beginning of this post, but to be honest I prefer it that way. I hope that twenty years from now we're still celebrating birthdays by making balloon hats and screaming ourselves hoarse during card games. Though we may all have jobs and general adultish responsibility, I'd like to keep fun time fun. And I hope that many of those fun times will involve all of these awesome people.

For more photos of the evening's shenanigans check out my facebook page. They're the ones at the end of the album.



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