The arrival...

Two Tuesdays ago 37d West Street saw the arrival of three lovely ladies in search of accommodation. This is not unusual for our house, which experiences the frequent coming and going of guests for dinners, parties and especially after a late night in town. Prior to the aforementioned event 37d boasted four permanent residents, only three of which are actually related, as well as several temporary vagabonds sporadically setting up camp on one of our many foldaway sleeping cushions.

Unlike our usual guests, however, this occasion marked the arrival of three boarders who preferred to sleep outside, bathe in dust and search for food in the ground:


Owen has wanted chickens for pretty much as long as I've known him. This desire slowly stewed and intensified until last autumn when he began trying in earnest to convince his mum to let him build a coop in the garden. With his project put on hold at first due to his less than enthusiastic housemates, he dutifully spent the entire winter learning everything there is to know about keeping them. Finally, with much persuasion and a few excursions to visit chicken coops elsewhere, Carolyn relented and we are now in possession of three bantam hens.

Please note the pure joy on Owen's face.

For the last week they have been settling into their new home and receiving a multitude of visitors. We have yet to find any eggs in the morning, although Owen has been dutifully checking every day before work. Like a child on Christmas morning. They are still a little young, so hopefully we'll see more once they mature a little.

 Lady C

Pigeon having a dust bath.

Having a treat.

One big happy family!



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