The grandest adventure of all.

It's taken me a while to share this news. 

I think, somehow, that I never grew out of the idea that if you tell your wish, it won't come true. So, I have always kept big things like this a secret - for as long as they could be kept, anyway. 

It has always been this way - with job interviews and crushes and auditions that really mattered. Rational thinking tells me that discussing them won't make a difference, but my heart just won't allow me to speak.

Anyway, there it is now. Out there for all to know, and happily shared with only the purest joy and anticipation. 

O and I have always felt so incredibly lucky. Our relationship has consisted of one adventure after another - some intentional, others just a natural part of the journey - and each one more exciting than the last. But I can't help thinking that this one just might top them all. 

Stay tuned!

- A -


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