Longing leads to gratitude.

Today is my uncle's wedding and the first major family event that i am not going to be present for. There will be many more, no doubt, as it will be impossible for me to take extra time off for special occasions every year.

This has not come as a surprise. This is something that I prepared myself for when I decided to move overseas, and yet it hits hard all the same. I think it will every time.

It's just a reminder that time moves forward and nothing stays the same and that I really don't live in the United States anymore (weird).

And it's okay to feel a little down and maybe, irrationally angry that human teleportation hasn't been figured out yet, because what it actually means is that I have so many people that mean the world to me and that care about me, and i know that this makes me lucky.

Yes, it stings. But that kind of pain is a blessing in a way. So I can still find something to be grateful for.

- A -


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