Currently Reading - Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London by Matthew Beaumont

 Trafalgar Square by Moonlight, c1865, by Henry Pether. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images. Taken from a review of Nightwalking, which can be found on The Guardian website, here.

"If women appear on the streets of the city at night alone they are commonly portrayed in terms of two roles, both defined in relation to men: they are either predators, in the form of prostitutes; or the predated, the potential victims of sexual assault. In both cases, they are denied a right to the city at night. The historian Joachim Schlör has pointed out that, in terms of the freedom to inhabit the nocturnal city, 'women's needs and wishes are not fundamentally different from men's', since for both it is a case of entering it and circulating inside it freely and independently - 'through the whole city, during the whole night, and not just in certain spatial and temporal reserves'. But he has rightly insisted that, historically, 'mens's freedom of movement has [had] a real restrictive effect on that of women'."

- Matthew Beaumont (Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London)

I began reading this book about a week ago and right at the beginning of the book, on page three, found this passage. I thought it to be particularly poignant considering all of the recent political controversy and fervent discussion of privilege and patriarchy. The sentiment really drew me in and it all felt a bit serendipitous - as if I had unknowingly picked up the perfect book to coincide with current events and the rebellious spirit, which has recently been revived for so many. There is no better feeling that one can have than to stumble upon the right thing at the right time and then, if seeking with an open heart and mind, to be moved and educated and inspired. 

What is inspiring you right now?

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On the agenda this weekend (for accountability purposes):

→ Read 50 more pages of this book - I'm loving it, but it is the most academic thing that I have committed to since finishing my studies and it's taking some time to remember how to absorb it

→ Laundry - duh...

→ Plan half-term holiday - Tapas, anyone? We're off to Spain!

There. Now you have all seen my list and I actually have to follow through with it. Right?

- A -


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