Cue the late morning sunbathing and midweek barbecues.

What a fabulously sunny couple of weeks we have been having over here! I'll admit that at times I have been disappointed with English summers in the past - too much rain, not enough heat - but the sun has obviously decided to make up for it this year. The timing couldn't be better either as it has coincided perfectly with the end of term and onset of the summer holidays - cue the late morning sunbathing and midweek barbecues!

Photos taken whilst on a Sunday walk in Panshanger Park.

Yesterday was the last day of school, so as you can imagine I am feeling ultra relaxed today. While I have a lot of grand plans and ideas for the next six weeks, I am trying not to rush things. 

The immediate 'To Do' list looks a little like this:

1) Drink coffee

2) Catch-up on my favorite blogs

3) Stroll through town (if I can be bothered)

4) Drink more coffee

5) Lounge outside

6) Lounge inside

I'll let you know how I get on with it ;)



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