Meet Mufasa.

Hello lover.

My relationship with my husband is built of the strongest love, trust, and mutual affection, and there is nothing that could ever, ever come between us. Nothing.......except for a beautiful, beautiful cat.

I am a cat person. I love it all - the cuddly fur, the elegantly swishy tails, the sassy personalities. Unfortunately for me, between my husband's asthma, pet hair allergies, and, just, general, unrelenting hatred for the domesticated feline, I have little hopes for ever hearing the gentle pitter-patter of tiny paws in any home that I ever share with him. So, I am destined to have to always get my fix elsewhere.

Enter Mufasa. The kitty companion of my cousin who I, for some reason, only just met last night. And my heart exploded.

You guyyyyyyys!!!!! Just look at him. Look how beautiful! And he meows like he's having a conversation with you and at the end of the night he gently taps you on the leg until you cuddle him to sleep. Ugh....

I know it's too soon, but, I love him.
That is all.


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