Beauty by Britain.

Last weekend our friends took us camping on the southeast coast of England. Our campsite was located in Kingsdown, a small village which is nicely situated at the start of Dover's famous white cliffs. The weather was beyond beautiful so, on the Saturday we decided to go exploring and walk the three-and-a-half mile trail along the tops of the cliffs to St. Margaret's Bay.

Cue the most stunning views.

The cliffs sit on the narrowest part of the English channel, which separates England from France. The boats that can be seen in some of the photos are the huge ferries that travel between the two countries, carrying people and their vehicles. We (WARNING! Nerd alert!) spent a lot of time thinking and talking about the ferries and the traffic on the channel. In fact, so great was our interest in this subject, that we actually took a special trip specifically to examine the comings-and-goings of the ferries more closely....

More on that later :)



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