To do. I do.

A reminder of simpler times - in Italy last summer.

Here is a short, and not necessarily all-inclusive, "To Do" list of things that are in my immediate future - in addition to planning two wedding celebrations in two different countries:

- Decide what I am taking home.

- Find the most cost effective way to get all of this to the states (Post? Extra luggage?)

- Donate/sell old clothing and anything else that will take up space and collect dust if I don't take it with me.

- Switch all of my direct deposits to my new bank account

- Facilitate the transition for all of my NAS clients - update profiles, introduce new support workers,  hand over all records/information that have been  piling up (mainly in the form of various lists).

- Send holiday cards.

- Plan for all upcoming Christmas/leaving dos.

- Finish Christmas shopping!

- Actually, just everything CHRISTMAS RELATED!!!! Gaaaah!

- Find a new job.

- Secure references and update CV asap.

- Research and apply for several visas.

- ...........................................

You wanna know what is not on this list??? Blogging! That's what.

Remembering to breath.



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