If you like piña coladas.

This was taken earlier today. We had just finished grabbing some groceries for the weekend when the heavens opened up and, well.....this was the result.

For some, unknown reason I neglected to bring an umbrella with me. Lord knows I've only been in this country for three years, but you know, I thought I'd take a chance.

We attempted to seek shelter in several different shops - waiting for it to ease up a little. We even considered hiding in a pub or cafe for a while, but we had too many perishable items in our SEVERAL carrier bags. In the end we just went for it. And got soaked. And then it got worse.

Just before we hit West Street the rain morphed from a slick and steady stream, to a torrential, summer downpour. The kind that is accompanied by rolling thunder. I think this is when I began laughing like a mad woman and maybe even slowed down to a saunter because, there just was no point in trying anymore. Our clothing was soaked through, our shopping bags pooling water, my purse (a summery, patch-work cloth, of course) was no longer keeping its contents dry. There was nothing to do...

Except to submit and act like a child.



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