Party animals.


Hello bright, in-focus world! I've been meaning to get my glasses prescription updated for a while now - as in, for probably over a year. You know it's time when switching between contacts and glasses too often results in regular headaches. I still want to get the lenses on my old frames changed, as they are a good pair and a bit more subtle, but I'm really enjoying having a trendier version to play around with.

Now on to the real motivation behind this post, as clearly the title doesn't really lend itself to what I've been talking about so far. Last night the boyfriend and I attended Zoo Lates at the London Zoo.

It. Was. Awesome.

Imagine, if you will, a multi-roomed nightclub, bursting with a perfect mix of London's (mostly) younger residents, dressed to the nines, drinking, and wreaking havoc - all while surrounded by animals from around the world. Well, that my friends, is Zoo Lates - an after hours party where one can socialize, drink, eat, dance and play, and of course, visit the animals.

People attended in a variety of dress. There were heels and flowing dresses, business attire (for those who had come straight from work) and those who took a more casual approach. There were also many who had come dressed as their favorite animals and for those who hadn't had time to find the perfect penguin costume - face painting was available.

The alcohol was flowing and visitors took full advantage. For some reason, everything the animals do seems so much funnier when you are drunk.... The only places food and drink weren't allowed were in the monkey habitats, and let's be honest, just thinking about the possibilities of mixing alcohol and monkeys is funny enough.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me. I've been slacking lately, I know. But, I did manage to get a video of the silent disco:

Honestly, watching it was even better (and way more hilarious) than being involved. On this occasion I was more concerned about getting to see the larger-than life-tortoises and coral reef nightlife, but maybe next time I'll grab a pair of headphones and join in.

In conclusion, Zoo Lates is one of the best ideas anyone has ever had. I think next time I would make sure to get there right at the beginning, so I could see all of the animals before they went to bed. Although, I did seriously enjoy the sleeping gorillas. They looked so human-like! But there we go, already planning my trip for next year :)



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