In the land of sprawling lawns and walk-in closets.

And so we begin day two of fun in the USA. On Saturday Owen and I spent 17 consecutive hours on planes and in airports. Amazingly we both managed to remain cheerful and upbeat throughout the whole day (special thanks to Boston-Logan's wireless internet and Auntie Annie's pretzel sticks).

Somehow we stayed awake until 10pm and even managed to sleep in a little yesterday morning. Although, today my body decided that it had slept enough and now needed to be back on English time. Cut to me doing Zumba by myself, in the living room, at 7 'o' clock in the morning.

Yesterday we spent a lovely day with my extended family in my Grandparents' backyard - doing what my family does best:


Owen fit right in...


Temperatures today are predicted to peak at 95 degrees (that's 35 for all of you anti-Fahrenheit folks). Hope all is well on the other side of the pond!



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