The Last 12 Months

As of sometime this week (not sure of the exact date) I have officially been living in the United Kingdom for one year. I have met some wonderful new people, involved myself in the local community and made several additions to my "places I have visited" list, including Northern Ireland, Paris, Edinburgh and various locations around England. I honestly can't believe that I didn't start writing about this all sooner and I think trying to tell it all now would lead to a description that could fill a book - not exactly good blog etiquette.

So for now, a picture montage will have to do. Here it is - my time in England, thus far:

P.S. You can click on these to see bigger versions!


September: Hertford in the Fall and night view from the London Eye

 February: Edinburgh


March: Visiting Owen's family in Northern Ireland

April: Mom and Jarret come to visit!

 April: Hertford in the Spring

May: Birthday fun in Hertford and at the Globe Theatre

 July/August: France

August: Eating pasties on the beach in Cornwall

And here we are, full circle, and it's starting to feel like fall again! Looking forward to another year of fun.



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