The bridal shower - where not one ribbon was broken!

MOTB - Bride - GOTB - MOH - Three Generations

As per usual these days, it has taken me at least two weeks to get around to this post. As if this whole wedding planning thing (read: US/UK visa nonsense) wasn't enough to keep us busy, this past week alone we have had two garage sales, started moving out of our house (oh, yeah, forgot to tell you we're moving), and, unfortunately, had a family funeral to attend/help out with. Talk about everything happening at once. It feels like I haven't stopped moving since 2014.

I mean wedding planning is tough, for everyone. I'll give you that. No matter what the situation, it is never the only thing going on in a person's life. But seriously, at this point, I am really starting to envy those couples whose toughest decision is whether or not to pay a little more for the passed hors d'oeuvres. [And if that's you, reading this now, then you should definitely go for it. Everyone remembers the food.]

By the way, if you are getting reeeeally sick and tired of hearing about how busy I am these days, well, I hear you, and that's fair, and let me help you out right now. Look up into the corner of your internet browser, or perhaps on your tab for this page. Somewhere around there you will find a tiny, little button, maybe it's red, round, or square-shaped, maybe there's an "x" to mark the spot. Go ahead, do us both a favor, and click on it. I'll see ya later.

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm a little tense these days. I just re-read that whole first section, which is probably not the best way to introduce a sweet little post with pictures about a really nice day, and thought maybe I should delete it.... But you know what? I'm not going to. Because it's real, folks. It's real.

See that little, blond baby on the screen? Guess who!

This lady doesn't get enough credit.

What this post was really meant to be about was the incredibly relaxing and special afternoon that I shared with a super fantastic group of ladies, who made me feel like an absolute princess and who, for a few hours, made me forget all of my worries and infused me with nothing but good vibes (and mimosas!). I cannot fully express how much that time meant to me. Their kind words and positivity were more appreciated than they could ever know, and have had a lasting effect that will (hopefully) get me through the next month-and-a-half. I am so lucky to have shared a lifetime with such wonderful people.



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